Equinox Derringer Bike

Equinox fitness clubs has launched an exclusive partnership with the Derringer bike brand to create the Equinox Limited Edition Derringer cycle, Derringer’s first peddle bike. Until now, Derringer has created only one type of bike, gas hybrid bikes which have been a hit with celebs; this is the first non-gas style. The bike has a custom color combination for Equinox and a one size fits all 18″ frame (they say it fits riders 5′ – 6’4″). It has both a single speed and fixed gear option, simply by switching the configuration of the back wheel. It comes partially preassembled and weighs 26 pounds. The bike will be sold at The Shop for $2300.

Every week in October, Equinox will give away one bike to people who have met with an Equinox membership advisor in October. Equinox members are automatically entered to win. The weekly drawing will occur on the following days: October 12, 19, 26 and Sunday, October 31.

[via Luxist]

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