The Smart ebike by Hussein Al-Attar

Last month, I briefly mentioned the pedal assist e-bike, designed by Hussein Al-Attar, that Smart unveiled at the Paris Auto Show. In particular I mentioned the iPhone/smartphone based control center on that concept bike, a feature I had read about in a Cyclelicious post. There is much more to this Smart ebike than that iphone dock though, so I want to share a bit more information about it in this post.

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Hussein posted several images of his concept bike prototype on the German Car Forum. He explains in his post that after an internship in 2009 and 2010 at Audi’s design studios in Ingolstadt, Germany, he had the chance to do another internship at Mercedes-Benz Advanced design studio in Sindelfingen. During that second internship, he was asked to design an electric bike in collaboration with Grace, a Berlin based bike company. He started the project in June, and it was so well received that his employers wanted to show a prototype at the Paris Motorshow in October. Knowing that, I think the resulting bike is pretty amazing. I can imagine that a lot of late nights went into making this bike a reality in time for the show.

In addition to posting prototype pictures on the German Car Forum, Hussein posted some of his sketches and renderings on the Behance network. The sketches in particular are very nice. You can see a few more of them below, but make sure you check out the Behance gallery to see them all. If you are interested, read more about the Smart e-bike at several of the different auto blogs.

I am not usually a big fan of bikes from car companies, but this one is an exception. It is pretty impressive for an intern who never really planned to design an electric bike. The result shouldn’t really come as a surprise though. As I have said before, sometimes the fresh perspective that a talented designer outside the bicycle industry can bring to a project is a good thing.

Images via Behance Network and German Car Forum

[more via Bicycle Design. View original post.]

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