Fisker Karma | Plug & Play

Fisker Karma | Plug & Play

By the time former BMW designer Henrik Fisker took the wraps off the Fisker Karma—his low, sleek, plug-in hybrid sports sedan—in 2008, the media frenzy for more celebrated future electric drive vehicles was already in full swing. But Fisker’s company kept its head down. They kept moving forward with development, signed up dozens of luxury-car dealers (most now carrying the […]

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Polaroid Goes Gaga | Grey Label is Born

On February 2008, Polaroid announced that they would be discontinuing the production of film cameras. The once dominating instant camera and film company was now on the verge of extinction. However, after the dreaded chapter 11 announcement was made, the company instantly retracted the notion of  fading away into history, and in fact a year later, stated that they would be bringing back the […]