‘Antler’ porcelain lighting by Volker Haug

Volker Haug

Volker Haug’s ‘Rudolph’ porcelain pendant light, from his ‘Antler’ range

Presented during the recent London Design Festival under the auspices of the somewhat tongue-in-cheekly named group exhibition ‘Matilda’, which showcased the work of a number of Australian-based designers in the UK for the first time, Volker Haug’s highly graphic, highly architectural porcelain lighting enthralled visitors.

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Ceramic lighting by Volker Haug

Launched this summer, Haug’s ‘Antler’ lighting range, which cleverly manages to embrace at one and the same time an industrial and an organic aesthetic, consists of indidivual ceramic elements, each hand-crafted in Australia, joined together, system-like, to form different pendant- or wall-light structures.

Each of the lighting’s individual ceramic elements is hand-crafted in Australia

Given that Haug, so the story goes, created his first lighting piece in a shed at the age of ten, while holidaying in the Czech Republic, there’s certainly more to come from this Antipodean designer.

Volker Haug’s porcelain lights work both as pendant and wall-mounted pieces

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