Eye-Tracker To An Android

“Eye tracking isn’t new in the research world. It has been used to study how people’s attention spans are affected by different visual stimuli. Researchers use it to study individuals eye gaze to art, environmental cues, reactions to medicine and more. What is new is the availability to the general public. While professional machines run in the thousands, as we could have expected, tech manufacturing has made these type of devices cheaper, smaller, and adaptable to machines we already have. Tablets in this case; in hindsight an obvious choice. After all tablets, smartphones, and laptops are very underestimated in power by the everyday user. below is the post from Spectrum regarding the image above.” -Aldo

Last April Denmark-based start-up The Eye Tribe demonstrated prototype eye-tracking technology for mobile devices. Its system bounces infrared light off the user’s pupils; that’s not particularly new; The Eye Tribe’s twist is using existing processors in a device to process the tracking data.

This month, the company began taking orders for a US $99 kit that includes the infrared system built into a USB dongle for Android devices; the company hopes that the kit will turn out to be a holiday 2013 stocking stuffer for the app developer in your life. The company doesn’t expect to see its infrared attachment hanging off of every mobile device; rather, it plans, by getting developers to start working with its technology, to have a head start when device manufacturers decide to build infrared systems into their products.

I tried out a prototype of the technology in April (see video, above). It was definitely fun; we’ll see if app developers can make it useful.

Photo: The Eye Tribe


[Via Spectrum IEEEEEEE By Tekla Perry]

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