Lighting BLING Chandelier by Water Pressure


Looking for a perfect lighting centerpiece? Water Pressure has designed this stunning water-inspired modern lighting that leaves your home dripping in pure luxury. These contemporary centerpieces by designer Evelyn Hutter feature brilliant crystals that shimmer in the light and dance with movement. The chandelier’s body is constructed using architectural perforated metal, with tiny Swarovski crystal droplets suspended by micro stainless steel thread in a glistening cascade. The first chandelier of this stunning series, the Rogue Wave (below) suspension lamp, boasts a graceful curve draped in sheets of shimmering steel ball chains and lit with a low-profile LED strip that follows the crest of this design. The Rogue Wave chandelier retails for $2,195. For more information on this elegant lighting collection visit Water Pressure. [more via Trendir. View original post]





[more via Trendir. View original post]

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