Lightning Benches by NunoErin

NunoErin, of thermosensitive furniture renown, have created a pair of interactive benches for the new Mississippi Children’s Museum.

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Made of translucent resin, sensors, and LEDs, the benches are part of an interactive installation that teaches children about electrical storms. According to NunoErin, “the Lighting Benches take us on a sensorial journey into the heart of an electrical storm. Each bench is portrayed as a bolt of lightning that strikes the ground with fractured yet symmetrical geometry.”


“Below the translucent surface of each bench is a hidden network of sensors that detects electrical charges within the human body. As the electricity inside our body is sensed, the bench responds with sundry displays of flickering light.”


“When the body interacts with the surface, it is followed by a trail of light that delights the senses and sparks the imagination.”

[more via MoCoLoco. View original post]

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