Organic Couture ~ Urban Organic goes Glam!

{organic couture lifestyle photo: log bench by chista ~ Vogue Italia September, 08}
Organic Glam: the beauty and dichotomy of Haute Nature + Organic Couture. And yes, free-form slabs of unfinished wood is ~ sexy. This nature inspired Urban Lifestyle of Modern Decor offers the ultimate in Eco-Luxury by combining the strength of rustic design with the beauty of feminine form. Deep earthy tones and heavy scale are balanced beautifully with metallic legs + plexi-glass bases. Everyone needs to covet at least one showpiece of Organic Art: a perfect addition to any urban dweller, or art lover’s ~ open space.
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CHISTA ~ knows Urban Organic Glam. Founded in 1990, this design company “explores the roots of primitivism” and creates some of the most impressive primitive-modern forms on the planet. {the goods: *1. Meteor Coffee Table at 55″ wide demands attention and is sculptured by nature in pure Teak Root, also available in glam bronze or glam aluminum. *2. “Suar” Free-Form Dining Table}.

To find more beauty in organic art, visit “The Forms” at

The sexy side of organic comes with metallic legs + glossy finishes. The Cast Slab Dining Table from blankblank exemplifies the Organic Couture Lifestyle. Designed by Rob Zinn, the solid cast bronze legs, combined with a salvaged wood slab top, offers a fabulous balance of Eco-Luxury. What makes it green? “The wood is selected from sources of diseased or storm-felled trees and the fabrication is closely overseen to capture a unique spirit in each piece which comes Signed and dated.” Make sure to visit this design + build company: they have one of the most eclectic product assortments on the market.

One of the leaders in the Urban Organic Lifestyle is Hudson Furniture Inc. Designed by Barlas Baylar, this collection of live edge case goods + glam lighting is the perfect accessory for the Organic Couture Lifestyle. {the organic goods above: new glam: Squares Base Dining Table with Claro Walnut top and glam bronze square base}.

Want to make a Glam-Grand statement ~ look at the Acacia Table with a Solid Acacia Slab Top + a Super-Glam Polished I-Base by Hudson Furniture.

“Sexy Plexy” with a Solid Walnut Top by Hudson.

Of course, as you may already know, I must include: “My favorite Organic Glam Dining Table ~ ever.” ~ The Knight Base Table with handmade cast bronze base and claro walnut top by Hudson. Want more fabulous Urban Organic + Urban Glam finds, check out the “Urban Organic Lifestyle.”

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