Restoration Hardware’s new Aviator Wing Desk


If I could hire employees, I’d have a desk like this and sit behind it wearing a leather flying cap, bomber jacket, scarf and goggles while I interviewed prospectives. I would act normal through much of the interview but pause at intervals to shoot down enemy bombers with pantomime and self-generated sound effects.

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That’s Restoration Hardware’s new Aviator Wing Desk, “inspired by streamlined World War II fighter planes.” It instantly reminded me of the work of MotoArt, a California-based firm we looked at last year that produces furniture from old airplanes. There are a couple differences, though: MotoArt’s stuff is made from the real deal, while RH’s desk is just aluminum sheets screwed (not even riveted?) to a wooden frame; and judging by the close-up shots, the fit and finish of the latter’s product doesn’t look up to the former’s standards.


Anyways, back to my interview fantasy. If the interviewee gave an answer I didn’t like, I’d suddenly go into a tailspin and re-enact a fiery crash.

{more via Core77. View original post.}

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