Rolling Master Plan City by Jagnefalt Milton

Swedish architecture firm Jagne Faltmilton proposed an interesting project for a competition to design a master plan for the Norwegian city of Andalsnes. They didn’t win first place but their proposal was innovative enough to finish third. The mobile buildings structures of the city on railways is such a great idea, a great occasion to reorganize its life according to the seasons.

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The jury awarded the Swedish office for a proposal where existing and new rail roads would provide the base for a host of new buildings that could be rolled back and forth depending on seasons and situations. Amongst other, they propose a rolling hotel, a rolling public bath and a rolling concert hall.

“We are really happy that the jury took our proposal serious, its not only a good proposal which we are very proud of, it´s also fully doable,” says Carl Jägnefält one of the two founders of Jägnefält Milton.

Danish JAJA Architects finish first in the competition, see their project here.

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{more via Trend Land View original post.}

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