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A bike turned into a Chair!

Recently I have been in the mood to buy a bike, not anything fancy mind you, but a good plain old fashioned bicycle. However, knowing myself, I would use it for the first few days, and if the bike gets lucky maybe even a week before I forget about it or just consider it too much trouble. (Living on campus with a bicycle just doesn’t really make sense in the end.) Yet it is good to know, that if i do decide to give into my impulsive nature and buy a bike, it will have a good home. Not with me of course but with a bit of luck at this little place I discovered.

Amazing I thought to myself, what a great idea to turn something from junk to Design Motif. Although their website and their ordering information may be a little hard to use and somewhat inconvenient, for any lover of Modern Art and/or Bikes be it motorcycle or bicycle, these pieces are a must have. The look turns out to be so modern and edgy.

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Love Seat

A really great aspect of this business is the fact that they recycle the materials instead of throwing them on the scrap heap. It is a great way to really rethink and reuse our everyday items. It definitely makes me wonder about other material goods I may throw away and what other uses I could just have for them.


So in conclusion, if you want to turn your bike into a rocking chair, check out

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