Snap’n Shots with Andrew Q.

Q & A with Andrew Quesada

1. How did you get involved with photography?

“It started when I was young. My pops was into photography. After my 21 birthday I decided that this was something that I really wanted to pursue. I’ve always liked it, enjoyed it, loved it, and I wanted to take it to another level. He [my dad] brought out a bunch of cameras, and that was it.”

2. Do you prefer shooting places or people?

“I think People. People, just the fact that there’s so much emotion with a person, I mean just the stuff you could capture even a portrait of someone’s face. That’s just…it’s just priceless, there’s so much to that.”

3. Where do you get the inspiration or the idea to shoot women in such risqué positions and have them look so traditional?

“I’m just a huge fan of putting randomness out there. Definitely now, if I shoot a girl that is topless or nude, I definitely need it to be way out the box, or something that you wouldn’t expect a girl to do.

4. How old are you Andrew?

“I’m 23, I’ll be 24 this coming April.”

5. Becoming an entrepreneur at such a young age, did you see yourself in this light, five years ago?

“Honestly, yes. I’ve been wanting to do this type of scene, I’m just really deep into this. Art, it’s something I grew up with, my dad did photography, my mom was a painter. I grew up with Ansell Adams books just lying around everywhere, Picasso books and I grew up with it. It [art] definitely was there, and it’s still there, and it’s going to continue to be there. As far as this business, photography is not where I’m stopping at. But there is definitely a lot more to come.”

6. Can you give me some of the inspiration behind the broad spectrum of your photography, from the traditional girls with lipstick and sunglass, to the girl standing naked in the street?

“Oh man, you definitely gotta mix some old-school with some new-school. I’m so influenced by old school in living now, old-school had its issues and things and people had their styles then, now I’m learning my style I got my certain look. But I’m a fan of the old-school and I’m definitely mixing it with the new-school: That’s the influence right there.

7. How do you feel about the recognition you’re receiving for your work around the web?

“It’s very, very humbling. Honestly I’m just doing what I love to do, and now I’m definitely taking it to another level; it’s work [and] I’m getting paid for it.  People are recognizing that and it’s very humbling for people to do that.”

8. What’s the most important type of recognition you could receive?

“Probably in the simplest form, their [people’s] appreciation for it. I mean I think that’s the greatest thing ever, if they appreciate it, nothing can top that.”

By Evan Lancaster
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