Brand New School Brings It! – FUEL TV’s New IDs

Brand New School, an international production company and design studio, has focused its creative efforts on a collaboration with FUEL TV since 2003. Creating what are known as broadcast packages, or IDs, Brand New School has delivered content that captures audience attention and showcases what FUEL TV is about: adrenaline and thrill-seeking sports.

With an anti-brand approach, Brand New School has created 10 IDs with tones ranging from comedic to contemplative to musical, and with techniques ranging from film, stop-motion, cg, to EVERYTHING! This school has skills.

FUEL TV’s world-acclaimed IDs have earned countless awards.

Check out four of the latest FUEL TV IDs below.

In reference to the new ID designs, Brand New School founder, executive creative director and director Jonathan Notaro said,

“when asked how we felt the network should evolve, we decided to approach it as a ‘rethink’ instead of a ‘refresh’ or a ‘redesign’: We kept some of the strategies, but took the visual language from the paint, ink and doodle elements of the 2003 package into the digital realm. Now the whole visual language is about video making and remixing.”

Brand New School and FUEL TVs collaboration have not only resulted in the four IDs above; six more exist to please viewers and are set to be released in the upcoming weeks on both U.S. coasts. For those interested in this most recent venture by the Brand New School and FUEL TV partnership and for more information, visit the original news release here .

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