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With a passion for fashion as a writer, editor, personal shopper, and wardrobe consultant, the fashion savvy Elana Pruitt has been reaching out to readers craving affordable style with her online publicationGood Girl Gone Shopping since February 2007.

Among the many invitations to important events and chances to meet big-name designers thatGood Girl Gone Shopping is bringing to the table, Pruitt’s most recent highlight has been getting contacted by shoe designer Steve Madden’s publicists to conduct an interview with him.

She has immersed herself into a world dominated by designers and trends in an effort to help men and women “exhibit their personality through fashion.”

“I always felt fashion is your personality, and I want to show my personality,” says Pruitt. “I’m an extension of my blog.”

For Pruitt,Good Girl Gone Shopping is about “shopping tips and to make people feel that they are not alone when it comes to the struggles of shopping.”

So shoppers fear no more; Pruitt provides her services to anyone looking to refresh their look or closet and show their personality.

“As a personal shopper, I have helped women clean our their closets and update their wardrobe, which has been very fulfilling as these women would then come alive and feel more confident,” says Pruitt.

From accompanying clients shopping to creating trendy yet practical outfits to refining what is found in one’s closet, Pruitt leaves behind stylish and personality-filled footsteps for her clients to follow.

Others than just her clients see the knowledge that Pruitt has to offer. She says, “I was a guest on a local cable show, called ‘Southern California Life,’ where I talked about top trends for the seasons and how to update your wardrobe. I appeared three times.”

Her personality and love of fashion make it easy to talk with her and listen about topics ranging from whether something looks good to how to reduce costs and attain that “must-have” item.

She attributes her love of fashion and chic personality to her mother. “I found pictures of myself wearing scarves, like crazy things I would do when I was three, and I think my mom just let me be myself,” she said. “I have always been creative with it [fashion].”

Pruitt recalls going through different phases in high school from thrift shopping to a grunge phase and said, “I never thought of myself having a fashion sense. I just knew what I liked.”

Going to see Madden on Saturday, Aug. 28, brought back memories of when she had worked at Nordstrom for three and a half years in college; it was the place where her perspective on fashion changed. “I started refining my style, saying ‘Okay, I don’t have to go over the top with this,’ and I just started understanding clothing more and having a respect for designers.”

“I evolved,” she said.

She has always had respect for Steve Madden’s line. Being a fan for as long as she can remember, she says, “It’s practical, he doesn’t make these over the top things you cannot wear, but yet there is a little bit of sex appeal.”

In her writing, she likes to remind her readers that “fashion doesn’t have to cost much,” and Madden as well as other featured brands and designers provide styles that are accessible to everyone.

From attending L.A. Fashion Week to interviewing Miss J from America’s Next Model to collaborating with companies such as ShopBop, Marshalls, Shabby Apple and UGG Boots, Pruitt works hard to keepGood Girl Gone Shopping at such a level as to gain access to the fashion world, but also appeal to and help her readers.

Pruitt says maintaining her site to keep readers interested takes time. “It’s not as simple as writing and turning off the computer. It’s writing, visiting other blogs, commenting on their articles, building relationships with these other bloggers, meeting them; it’s social networking, which is huge.”

Dedication, determination and passion are what have enabledGood Girl Gone Shopping to appear in the top 10 results on Google when someone types in ‘Los Angeles Personal Shopper.’

“I try to do something to the blog everyday. The search engines rank sites higher when they see activity. They want to see that it’s always fresh. If I don’t touch it, they’re not going to regard it as newsworthy.

Pruitt says she is “a conscientious professional who is assertive, kind and passionate about what she does,” and the use of those traits can be seen in the success ofGood Girl Gone Shopping.

In a week, Pruitt can work up to 15 hours or more to keep readers coming back for juicy tid-bits of fashion. “It’s its own job,” she says. To succeed, people have to know that “writing is number one, networking is number two.”

In the competitive field of being a personal stylist and writer, Pruitt’s work onGood Girl Gone Shopping has surely paid off. She is achieving a connection with her readers. “I try to reach out to them. The key is never talking down to a reader.”

“I never claim to be this expert, and I think people appreciate that I’m just being myself,” she says, “They can relate to me.”

When people are turning to her as an expert, Pruitt says, “That’s when it hits me. All this time wasn’t a waste. For 3 years, I did not give up; it affirms my growth.”

In turn, Pruitt values her readers. “If there is one person reading it, that’s one person reading it, and that person is enough; that person matters too.”Good Girl Gone Shopping also does giveaways sponsored by various companies. The most recent winners received $25 to and $100 to, and there are more giveaways to come.

“I want it to be a well-rounded experience when you get to my blog,” said Pruitt.

Ultimately, Pruitt has her heart and mind set on further developing a relationship with her readers and continuing to provide them with a community where they can feel comfortable listening to her.

“I want people to go there accepting who they are, not trying to change who they are but just knowing where and when to find stuff to fit their personality.”

In everything Elana Pruitt does withGood Girl Gone Shopping, she says, “You need to stay true to yourself.”

Just for fun…

Justine: “Let’s say someone gave you a great deal of money and told you that you had to splurge on something for yourself, what would you buy?”

Elana: “I think I would buy myself a really great handbag. I love black, [so] probably like a new black Marc Jacobs. His quality is really great, it’s classic but it has a little bit of a funk to it and kind of vintagy, so I think I’d buy myself a really great purse with a matching wallet. And just shoes galore. I love shoes. I love how they can change an outfit up and look so differently than another outfit. And honestly, I think after I treat myself to those things, I would just put it into my blog and maybe do something like hold an event to celebrate my blog. I would put it back into me and investing in what I believe in. I want this to last too.”

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