Guerry & Prat | Craftsman of Light and Machine

Don’t you love it when two of your favorite things come together and you get a creative mash-up of near perfect harmony?  Benoit from Guerry and Prat (G&P) Images specialize in that sort of photography, mixing light and engineering in its own unique way. In this next spread they focus on vintage Café racers. They grab the camera and hit the open road , capturing the essence of living free…while creating some notable photography. But it doesn’t stop there, G&P Images’ portfolio is filled with a cultural time machine that transports you into an era defined as  “A Time of Innocence”

OK back to the road trip…Some can easily say it’s the culture that encompasses the feel of this winter ride. …Which can be arguably true, however the images speak for themselves. The latest blog on “SouthSiders Motorcycle” takes you to the outdoors on a road trip with a pair of Triumph and a couple friends on their last ride in winter. These pictures really capture the trip on two wheels, it’s almost like watching “Easy Rider” on VHS where you still get some of the film specs and dust which create that unique texture. Even though these images are really clean, they some-how take you back to the 60’s, on the road, cruising on two wheels with a bunch of great friends and your handy 35mm shooter.

Source****(Southsiders : Motorcycle Culture)

Photography**** ( Guerry & Prat Images)

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