Pomona’s art walk pops!

Photo: Dietter Aragon

To artists Pomona provokes excitement; to admirers it awes them. The arts colony in Pomona is home to many of the best, both new artists and curators. Curators are bringing in the best the nation has to offer and hosting the local’s artwork in such ways as to allow the bi-monthly art walk to bring in people from all over. It used to be that the utterance of the city’s name, Pomona, would trigger groans expressing a disinterest in “Pomona.” However, those types of reactions have lessened over time, and the arts colony in Pomona serves as a good reason why.

Downtown Pomona pops! The Pomona arts colony is the place to be every second and last Saturday of the month. It has a diverse arts gallery collection that is sure to please all ages, connoisseurs and admirers.

From the viewfinders of photographers Hugo Avina, Dietter Aragon, Jessica Herrera, and Denis Thorp…our media team went to the Pomona Art Walk yesterday, January 8, 2011, to show you a bit of what captures their visual fancy… Enjoy.

To view the photographers’ complete photo sets click here

Photo: Hugo Avina

Photo: Jessica Herrera

Photo: Denis Thorp

Photo: Christopher Castillo

For more information the Pomona Art Walk visit: http://www.metropomona.com/artwalk.php

A special thank you to the Pomona Arts Colony locals for their graciousness and hospitality.

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