Rob Roy – Carmencita (Music Video)

Earlier this week, Rob Roy premiered the video for his song “Carmencita,” from his album, King Warrior Magician Lover.  As the closing track of the album, “Carmencita” pleasantly rounds off an album that’s packed with just about everything!  You want rapping over funky beats?  It’s there!  You want singing, smooth melodies, and ‘60s fuzz bass?  It’s all there!  I’m not a fan of classifying what genre should be pinned to certain musicians or comparing one artist to another, so I’ll save that for the other sites.  I will, however, settle for calling Rob Roy’s music fresh! Did I mention the bass?

Like many other people, my first time listening to Rob’s music was when I saw the video for “Fur in My Cap,” a song that will be stuck in your head after the first listen for days, and possibly weeks.  The song definitely caught me off guard, but I found myself replaying it about 20 times in one night.  As a result of all the fur and stop motion madness, I did the most logical thing I could think of…download his album.  I was happy to find no filler tracks on the album.  Each song is different and offers something different from the next.  Do you know how rare that is? Very!

“Carmencita” is a beautiful arrangement of sounds matched with Rob Roy’s unique vocal delivery.  The video’s dark setting fits well with the overall feel of the song, and the sudden burst of skewed colors makes the build ups leading to the hooks even more enjoyable.  With songs like, “King Warrior Magician Lover” and “Gold and Gucci,” we see Rob’s talent as an emcee, but other songs from his album, like “Bowden Acres Parade” and “Carmencita,” really showcase his abilities as a singer.

If you’re looking for something different to listen to, download his album.  You can’t go wrong with this one.  Rob is currently working on new material, which will be released under Dim Mak Records.  You’ll definitely be hearing more about this guy very soon.

By Adam Elramly
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