A Graphic Design (Turkey) – i-Health Nozoil: Nose

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Advertising Agency: A Graphic Design, İstanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Yılmaz Kurt
Art Director / Retoucher: Yeşim Yegen
Photographer: Warren Goldswain

This ad completely says, “easier breathing.” What do you do when you need to breathe more easily? You open your mouth. Strategy problem… solved.
Question, why is the product on the top right-hand corner of the ad and not the bottom-right? Let us try the ‘cover the product’ test before we try to answer this question to dive deeper into the creative/art direction. When we cover the product it opens up the possibility of the ‘mouth for a nose’ to being a mega-mono-nostril if looked at from afar or looked at say on a mobile device. It can also look like a human defect at a glance. Uncovering the product does help it close the loop and confirm that this facial anomaly is a means for easier breathing. And there is the, “Aha!” moment.
Now, to the placement of the product. Our eye gaze naturally takes us to the top-right before the bottom-right. Having it on the top-right creates a faster connection of the product to the affect suggested by the subject in image. This faster relationship eliminates the possibility of the viewers’ mind going somewhere other than where the creative/art director wants you to go. It quickly gets you to the understanding that this mouth-for-a-nose is for easier breathing and not for more eating. It also allows the image to be bigger, since laying the product on the bottom-right  over the flannel would make it look deficient, get ‘lost’, and possibly break branding guidelines; the other option would be to reduce the size of the image to give necessary clearance. Then again, going back to eye gaze, having the product on the bottom-right will take longest for the consumer to see. It will create a bigger time gap in product plus visual association and goodness forbid that one gets stuck on the image walks away without seeing the product… “was that a big nostril? Was it a defect? I hope that doesn’t happen to me!” The client and advertiser wouldn’t want that.

The art direction works for me. Great job A Graphic Design.

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