Billabong and the Seabellies

Under this layer of winter fat and with the randomness of this Spring weather I have almost forgotten what Summer feels like. Our good friends over at Billabong however haven’t, they made some really cute bikini’s, found some deliciously hot chicks and a super exotic location, coupled it with a band quickly rising within the stardoms of fame and best of all everything is Australian.

Shot at Tangalooma on
Moreton island Billabongs new video features its upcoming range of
Bikini’s more of which you can view here. Aside from the beautiful girls
parading round in the new range the video also emits the sounds of the
Seabellies, an indie rock band from Newcastle their live show is known for
their variety of instrumentation featuring electronica, strings,
metallophone, melodica, horns and multi-percussive layering. They also
feature on Billabongs website which is also throwing away some freebies
and you can peep that shit here

If Australia is famous
for anything its our amazing beach’s and a solid reputation for
designing some of the best swimwear in the world. Billabongs latest
range encompasses girly pastels and ditzy florals, lush tropical prints
and beautiful summer colours.

The Seabellies rose to
fame after releasing their EP entitled “wave your fingers to make the
winters” in 2007, that year they also won the ‘Garage to V competition’
and appeared on the main stage at the V Festival. They have won other
accolades including Next Crop artist on Triple J, the 1233 ABC Newcastle
Music Awards, ABC Music artist of the Year and the Alternative

Billabong have been kind enough to give us something real nice and shiny, all you have to do is leave a comment with

“What would you be doing in a billabong bikini this summer?”

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