Cee Lo Green – F**K You (Official Video)

cee lo green

The official video for Cee Lo Green‘s new single “F**K You” follows a young Cee Lo as he grows into adulthood, facing a different heartbreak every step of the way.  It takes place in a 70s-style diner, reminiscent of a scene in Happy Days or Grease.  Throughout the video, Green is backed by three highly animated singers and, of course, taunted by none other than the heart breakers themselves.

The song is not as vile and angry as the title would suggest.  Instead, this powerful, Motownesque soul anthem is complemented by tongue in cheek lyrics, and now, a music video following the same sense of humor, which makes it an ultimately uplifting experience.

“F**K You” will be on Cee Lo Green’s upcoming album, The Lady Killer, due out later this year.  If you can’t wait until the album is released, the single is available now on his site.

By Adam Elramly
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