Hooked up with London Street Art — 24

HIN — Brick Lane

Artists including Gaia, Ronzo & Conor Harrington, Evol and Swoon.

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Mr Penfold, Billy, Malarky, Lucas
Mr Penfold, Billy, Malarky, Lucas on Brick Lane.

American artist Borf recently had a show at Lazarides Newcastle space and hit up London on route with some street work.

Michael DeFeo
Michael DeFeo aka The Flower Guy

Stencil work from UK artist Don

Pablo Delgado
Not sure if this is a new Pablo Delgado piece, but it’s one we hadn’t previously spotted.

Malarky continues his non-stop paint mission with another shutter off Petticoat Lane Market.

Newish paste-ups have been appearing on the streets again from London based artist A.ce.

[via Hookedblog — UK Street Art Blog.View original post.]

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