Illustrator Stanley Chow

Starting this with a couple of characters from Mad Men is appropriate. Those who are in art direction for advertising appreciate those who excel in the crafts of design, illustration, and technical arts; here is a gentle that is more than superb with his skill set.

“Stan Chow was born and raised in Manchester, England, where he currently resides. He began his career in 1997, mainly as a fashion illustrator and storyboard artist, and has become one of the most highly respected and established artists in the UK, working across a platform of media in advertising, design, publishing, packaging, gaming, animation and interactive. Recently he has been diligently working on his first love: cartoons and caricatures, and his design for The White Stripes USB memory stick was nominated for a Grammy Award.” – Quote taken from Bernstein & Andriulli.

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You can find more of Stans work over at his webpage.

[more via From up North. View original post]

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