JUSTICE, Video, “ON’N’ON”… ‘nuf said. Yes!

The french duo Justice is back with their latest visual offering for “ON’N’ON” their latest release Audio, Video, Disco. Following in the classic rock tone much of their sophomore album took, “ON’N’ON” approaches the electro sound with a much subdued approach, however the Alexandre Courtes Directed video doesn’t. The video takes the viewer through an NSFW intergalactic journey that an continum of naked girls, skulls, and of course Justice., an trippy experience is definitely to be had. The release of visuals for “ON’N’ON” coincides with the release of the On’n’On EP in a week, which includes remixes of the track by Tiga, Rick Rubin, Brodinski, Erol Alkan and Video Village.

[via SLAMXHYPE by Anthony Coleman ]

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