Latest Experiential Reel from Leviathan

Following a spectacular 2011, the principals of Leviathan are in the process of updating their promotional materials, and we wanted to share the new Experiential Reel with you […]

Among the projects featured, you’ll see footage from Amon Tobin’s sensational “ISAM Live” (as shown in the above image), Drake’s 2011 OVO Festival, the studio’s recent work helping to dramatically introduce several exciting new models at major automotive shows, and more collaborations with innovative agencies for major brands, including HP.

After participating in last year’s Leo Burnett Leovative innovation event, Leo Burnett production consultant Richard Blanco shared these words about Leviathan:  “Their work in the digital space, particularly projection mapping, was the perfect marriage of art and science that embodied everything Leovative was about… technology, techniques, delivered.  Leviathan delivered two stunning pieces:  A beautiful animation piece projected onto a custom, faceted sculpture, and an amazing xBox 360 Kinect interactive piece that wowed the crowd.”

Regarding the latest developments and the new reel, Leviathan’s executive creative director Jason White says, “For a new studio, to see this collection of some of our most innovative work completed over the last year makes us all very proud and excited about what’s to come.

-Roger Darnell
DWA for Leviathan

Thank you for sharing with us Roger!

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