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We’ve informed you about this cool initiative earlier and here’s another something worth your attention; New York Street Style’s new episode about Michael, created by Dutch filmmaker Maaike Holvast. This 26-year-old gentleman lives the life of a man from the beginning of last century. He organizes parties where everybody is dressed in the style of those days. During the day he works as a barber in am extraordinary barbershop in West Village. What striked us the most is the way he decorated his house, as if the clock stopped ticking a hundred years back.
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Two years ago, in Fall 2008, Holvast decided to subscribe to the New York Film Academy and expand her field of knowledge. Holvast had always been extremely interested in stories behind style and fashion. After graduating from New York’s prime film school, she started developing a series of documentaries about remarkable people she’d encounter in the street. Every two weeks Holvast uploads a short documentary about individuals with a strong, distinctive sense of style. You can check out her new videos on the website of multimedia platform Limboland.

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