Nivea Q10 Flashmob – Draft FCB Paris (France)

The cool factor for fashmobs can rapidly dwindle once the advertising giants begin to use them for just about everything. Just when you begin to think that the creativity  in this form of performance art for ad initiatives has been exhausted, we start seeing new variations of it that are simply unexpected and most importantly engaging. We see this with the work for Nivea Q10 that Draft FCB Paris (France) did. It is a mashup of flashmob, theater, dance, block-party, and… fairytale? What works for me in this spot is how they used the ten hidden cameras to give the viewer a sense of being there and seeing it all happen from a perspective of a passerby. They switch back and forth between cameras giving it a dynamic that keeps the viewer engaged. What made this flashmob stand out was how they used the different stories to set it apart from the traditional flashmob model; how they go from the man with the flower, to the joggers, officer, firefighters, then the block-party, and finally the prince.

Does the consumer demographic get hit too hard with stereotyped desires of a woman? Is it kitsch?
These are questions that up for debate, but for me strategy was a nicely elaborated adaptation of what we may have seen in the past with commercial like Diesel’s Loverdose, and the execution was a nicely thought-out storyline, finally the production and direction with the ten hidden cameras was sweet.

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