Paul Rodriguez’s Inspiration to Skate.

Shilo’s Evan Dennis directed this introspective look into the passion and skills of Paul Rodriguez, skater, actor, and artist. This story was born out of the filming of a broadcast spot for Mountain Dew’s Green Label Art Series that Evan directed a few months back. To check out that spot and an interview with Evan click here.

Evan Dennis explains… “I’ve been skateboarding my entire life, and it has been a huge factor in who I am as an artist and individual. I’ve always been greatly inspired by the art, style and culture of skateboarding. When we were out filming with Paul there were so many opportunities to get great shots.  It’s really tough to go out to shoot a fun piece about skateboarding and call it work.  I was vibing a lot with the cinematographer Max Goldman on the day, and we were out doing what we love to do. We got as many shots as we could until we were basically kicked out of the location. The whole day was like this.  Just run and gun, picking up as much authentic footage of Paul as possible. When we were recording Paul’s voiceover for the Green Label Art spot, we asked him a lot of questions about skateboarding, and we got some really interesting audio of him speaking from the heart.  Back in the Shilo office in NYC, editor Nathan Caswell got a hold of the footage and we approached it with no set length in mind. We layed some of the best parts of Paul’s interview audio over our footage, then added a reference track and it just really started coming together. When we shared it with the agency, they said they got chills watching it.  It’s nice to create something so pure like this, with talented people you enjoy working with. The results can be really amazing.”

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