The American by Anton Corbijn

Renowned photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn released his first feature film about the tragic life of Joy Division’s singer Ian Curtis in 2007. This week, his second full-length film will open and promises to be another one of Corbijn’s success stories.

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For this movie called The American, Corbijn and his team selected an international cast including some top-shelf actors such as the famous and ever handsome George Clooney and Finnish film star Irina Björklund. Alongside these stars, numerous European talents got the opportunity to shine on the silver screen. Among these actors is Dutch beauty Thekla Reuten, who plays Belgian vendetta Mathilde.

The American is a romantic action film about assassin Jack (Clooney) who wants to quit the harsh business he’s in after a drama happens in Sweden. For what is supposed to be his last job, Jack rushes off to the Italian countryside where he tries to hide and get away from the aggressive people he used to cooperate with. He befriends a local priest (Paolo Bonacelli) and falls in love with Clara (Violante Placido). When he steps out of the shadow to end the hazardous situation he is in, he puts himself and others in great danger.

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