The Brick Thief: A LEGO Short Film

Following up their last successful short film for LEGO, Blue Source returns to A52 and RPS to collaborate on yet another whimsical, stop-motion, mixed-media tale.

Agency: Pereira & O’Dell
PJ Pereira – Chief Creative Officer
Kash Sree – Executive Creative Director
Jason Apaliski – ACD/Art Director
Jaime Robinson – ACD/Writer
Sara Krider – Producer
Jeff Ferro – Director of Production
Gary Theut – Director of Client Services
Skylar Fogel – Account Executive

Production company: MJZ
Blue Source – Director
Betsy Oliver – Line Producer
Eric Stern – Executive producer
David Zander – Excutive Producer
Eduardo Martinez – Director of Photography
Veronica Falcon – Choreographer
Nicolas Scabini – Art Director

Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Damion Clayton – Editor
Carol Lynn Weaver – Executive Producer
Aaron Morris – Assistant Editors
Justin Kumpata – Producer

VFX: a52
Andy Hall/ Andy McKenna – VFX Supervisors
Chris Janney – CG Lead
Erin Clark, Joe Chiechi, Abel Salazar, Steven Baker, John Cherniack, Kirk Shintani,
Adam Newman – CG Artists
Andy McKenna, Brendan Crockett, Andy Barrios – 2D VFX Artists
Pete King – Producer
Jennifer Sofio Hall – Executive Producer

Music: Stimmung
David Winer – Composer
Ceinwyn Clark – Executive Producer
Sound Design:
Damion Clayton – Sound Designer
David Winer – Sound Designer
Peter Rincon – Sound Designer

Mix: POP Sound
Peter Rincon- Sound Mixer
Susie Boyajan – Excutive Producer

[via Motiongrapher]

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