The Crocker Club. 453 South Spring Street (Corner of 5th & Spring st.)
Thursday, October 7 from 8:00 pm to 2:00 am

The Bohemian Society Presents “Parachutes” and “The Hidden Hand”
Parachutes live installation from 9:30 till 11:30
and “The Hiden Hand” for the finale at midnight

…You really do not want to miss this epic night that is a true testament to what Downtown LA is and what we are capable of when we all come together. Read on…

Robert Vargas Presents “RED ZEBRA

…This Thursday and every first-Thursday of the month, the RED ZEBRA spectacular happens at The Crocker Club, the most unique art event in L.A. Downtown resident artist ROBERT VARGAS presents another packed night of downtown’s finest creatives for the pageantry of ART/FASHION/MUSIC/PERFORMANCE in “real” downtown style… In the midst of the battle over the Art Walk, come celebrate in the TRUE SPIRIT” of what the arts in downtown is all about. Created for the people by the artists!

RED ZEBRA is inspired by “OUR Downtown” herself. Why we live and love here. Red Zebra is the platform to see downtown’s Artists/musicians/performers & designers in “TRUE” creative dialog with each other. A social movement that inspires via live performances, video installations, live painting, live music, runway show & DJ’s!


Comedy in the Ghost bar starts @8PM
Hosted by Anthony DeVries
This month’s line up:
– Jeff Grace
– Terence Leclair
– David Ross
– Rob F. Martinez
-Thom and Anthony
– Hannag Gansen
– Zach Sherwin
– John H. Kuperman

Following the comedy show, The ghost bar transforms into the GLASS DOOR hosted by Ernie Omega in association with Robert Vargas. The club within the club! Music by the one and only DJ Josh Peace, plus special guest! Omega Collektiv – www.omegacollektiv.com

LIVE MUSIC sets by:
– The Makers “Soul/Jazz/Funk grooves”

In the main room: Designer Beats by very special guest DJ AdamXVI
*Adam XVI will be giving out a special compilation cd he made especially for this event entitled “the music of Red Zebra”. Visit him and just ask.

— YUKI NISHIDA is a cutting edge/high fashion designer. Her pieces are reflections of herself and visions of her world. Her work is not only about fashion, Nishida is also creating an atmosphere where her designs tell stories.

Nishida’s current collection “Ladies in Flor” is inspired by flowers and nature with a splash of color. Each dress has specific floral theme, white lily, pink freesia, orange gerbera, red rose, blue hydrangea and purple delphinum. She is the ground, the green field, giving the birth to a bouquet – Women. “A woman is like a flower. Every flower is different and has a unique energy”.
The finale of this show is a collaboration between artist Robert Vargas and Nishida for an artistic dialogue between worlds, his art and her fashion.
Her website is coming soon!! www.yukinishida.com


Part One – Designer Victor Wilde’s brand The Bohemian Society fashion show will be shown in the “fashion peep show booths” where models will be wearing silk dresses made out of parachutes from the vietnam war.

Part Two – THE BOHEMIAN SOCIETY runway fashion show is called “the hidden hand”. Don’t miss the live fashion construction/collaboration between Victor Wilde and artist Robert Vargas on the runway!
— SHELLY ERION – Erion’s style a has masculine look with feminine appeal. Her clothes have the versatility to be both day and evening wear.

Salon Pure – Downtown’s premier Salon, are the exclusive hair stylists for Red Zebra’s fashion shows. Located in the historic core, Salon Pure is bringing the elegance back to the heart of Los Angeles!
Visit them at: www.salonpurela.com


– Robert Vargas – Painting live! Through the live creative process, Vargas engages with the viewer in dialogue as they are witness to the evolution of concept and execution in the moment.

This process gives the viewer an opportunity for all to feel that their experience is beautiful and worth immortalizing. – www.vargaspresents.com

– ON THE TABLE: Special performances by
– NinjaMamaLickum & Friends. Offering ‘Authentic Gender Power Play® since 1999.’

NinjaMamaLickum presents PIE: a gender-power performance art piece for woman and man, with latex gloves, pie, toothbrush and dirty house. NinjaMamaLickum aka JASMINE ORPILLA is a vocal performance artist, genre-bending actor and award-winning multidisciplinary composer of experimental musical theatre. Visit her: http://ninjamamalickum.com/

– Sharon aka “Red Zebra girl” Live interactive sculptural installation by Robert Vargas.
– Hsing Tseng performing an adaptation of the “Snow Dance” from the movie Memoirs of a Geisha

– LIVE TATOO ART by Artist Samantha Ceora

Fascinated by the art of ancient markings, realistic, twisted and dark images, Samantha’s style is musical, beautiful and moving. Watch her work live in the large booth!

– Viraag Desai – Viraag will be commenting on the idea of portraiture through paint sculptures, that will be created on site, influenced by events occurring in the space

– Rick Mendoza – Photography exhibit
Mendoza’s photography stands as modern record of Downtown Los Angeles & its litany of incredulous freaks, art, lovers of love & lovers of the night: a community that has bubbled up from within its bowels and birthed itself, drawing the wide-eyed, curious, & aroused gazes of tourists, residents, & everybody in between.

Rick will be taking portrait photos live, capturing the madness of the night in booth number one. Say hello!

SECURED PARKING across the street

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