‘Chassis’ by Stefan Diez for Wilkhahn


Made from deep-drawn sheet metal: ‘Chassis’ by Stefan Diez for Wilkhahn

The ‘Chassis’ chair by Stefan Diez, designed for the German manufacturer Wilkhahn was definitely one of the highlights of this year’s Orgatec! Its frame is entirely made with space-frame technology from the automotive world – a technique that has never been used within the furniture industry. ‘Chassis’ is the result of promising fundamental research Wilkhahn and Diez dared to start five years ago. Here we have some images of the comprehensive design and developement process. Enjoy!

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The joints of the legs are made from the residual material of the frame, ‘Chassis’ by Stefan Diez for Wilkhahn

Form finding

Stefan Diez with a ‘Chassis’ model

Stefan Diez working on ‘Chassis’ by Wilkhahn

Work on ‘Chassis’ in Stefan Diez’ studio in Munich

Hand whetted model

One of the first prototypes

Stefan Diez cut-off grinding


Mould for the leather seat, Dominik Hammer

Mounting the leather seat onto the prototype

Test seating

Mould for the serial production

The sheet metal is compressed with several tons

The final chair ‘Chassis’ by Stefan Diez

‘Chassis’ by Stefan Diez for Wilkhahn

Entirely made from deep-drawn sheet metal, even the joints

The first edition comes with a plastic seat shell

‘Chassis’ by Stefan Diez for Wilkhahn

Chassis is available from the first quarter in 2011.

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