‘Running Mould’ by Studio Glithero (UK)

Running Mould

‘Running Mould’ by Studio Glithero

A perfect shape with low-tech tools: the London based Studio Glithero realised this twelve metre long round bench using a traditional artisanal technique of making plaster cornices by running a zinc profile through wet plaster. Applying this technique to a larger scale the designers invented an extrusion process for endless and seamless furniture. [more via Dailytonic. View original post]

‘Running Mould’ by Studio Glithero

“The bench took three and a half tons of plaster and a team of nine working continuously with the material on location in the gallery space.

Typically, the running mould or ‘bench mould’ is made and left on the bench surface of the craftsman and serves as a mould to make a number of casts from. By translating this process in scale our intention is to create a spectacle that has the power to trigger an intrinsic understanding of the object, its process, origin and material”, the designers explain.

‘Running Mould’ by Studio Glithero

The projects was realised with the support of Miles & Wilde who introduced the designers to their craft.

‘Running Mould’ by Studio Glithero

‘Running Mould’ by Studio Glithero

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[more via Dailytonic. View original post]

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