Georges Rousse Trompe L’oeil Art

Georges Rousse Trompe L’oeil Art

A while ago we reviewed Swiss artist Felice Varni’s trompe l’oeil work. Well his inspiration comes from the master of trompe l’oeil art, French artist/photographer Georges Rousse who invented ‘Geometrism’ in space. There are no accidents in his work. Everything is planned, from its very inception to the final snapshot.

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You should obviously know that there is no photoshop, nor any computer involved in his art, these are only painted works or set-decor brought into the scenes.

” He constructs installations that introduce a simulacrum of volume into a real volume. These intangible visions assert themselves as a pure, solipsistic presence, without neither a beginning nor a future.”

Light is often at the heart of this work, real light that radiates from a cube floating in a dark space, illusory light spilling from an open door, light restored by a phosphorescent bit of paint.

One of his latest project is the Durham Project

Check Georges Rousse website for more amazing work – Thanks to /// for the tip !

[more via Trend Land. View original post.]

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