Installation: ‘Blow and Roll’ by Zieta Prozessdesign

Zieta Prozessdesign

The installation of rolled steel profiles by Zieta Prozessdesign

‘Blow and Roll’: Installation by Zieta Prozessdesign (PL) at the V&A

Our friend Oskar Zieta just sent us the first images of the brand new installation he recently completed in the courtyard of the V&A in London. Commissioned by the London Design Festival and with the support of the Polish Cultural Institute Zieta Prozessdesign created a highly flexible structure based on – how could it be different – FiDU technology.

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“‘Blow and Roll’ is made of large-scale steel elements of different lengths up to 20m and of different heights. The problem and also the challenge was to bring it to the garden in one piece, like all the other pieces of the Museum’s exhibition. To achieve it, pieces were transported to London and brought to the garden flat and rolled, and then they were inflated with air to the final shape”, Zieta explains.

‘Blow and Roll’ by Zieta Prozessdesign at the V&A in London

Furthermore he explains to the LDF: “There are lots of challenges for a place like V&A’s Madejski garden. Most important of them is creating a formal coherence with this incredible space. The concepts are also strongly influenced by functional parameters like the narrow doors leading to the garden, anchoring the structure to the ground, stabilizing it etc. to avoid destroying the building and the surroundings and keep visitors safe.”

‘Blow and Roll’ by Zieta Prozessdesign

The furled metal profiles

The profiles are rolled around an axis between two by bicycle wheels

On the way to the venue

Inflating the profile…

…the wheels carry it forward until…

…it is completely unrolled

Oskar Zieta inflating and unrolling a profile…

…and giving it to a visitor

‘Blow and Roll’ by Zieta Prozessdesign

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