MikL – Michael Martinez

To us artists that inspire means… those passionate about their craft and their willingness to continue to grace us with their gift. Those artists inspire us. MikL continues to show us his skills time & time again always reinventing himself to new styles and always leaving us wanting more. We caught with his new sets and in the spirit of aster**** visual index we had to share. Enjoy

In the own words of Michael Martinez aka MikL…

“I started drawing when I was in junior high school, but wasn’t really serious about it until high school.

Most of the images, like hands or inanimate objects, are from pictures I’ve taken or things I’ve observed. My goal is to better my skill and be able to accurately draw people and objects in public.

I mostly do illustration style art, similar to comic book illustrations. And work (almost) exclusively in ink and copic marker occasionally using watercolor.”

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