20 desingers at Biologiska: exhibition during SFF 2011

Emma Marga Blanche and Fredrik Färg, designers and initiators of the exhibition

Fascinated by the fantastic scenery of the ”Biologiska” Museum in Stockholm, the French born designer Emma Marga Blanche developed together with the Swedish designer Fredrik Färg the  idea of a design exhibition within the the museum’s magic premises. 20 national and international designers from more than 15 countries were invited to expose their newest creations during this year’s Stockholm Design Week from 9 – 12 February.

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‘MWC’ (minimal wood chair) by Florian Hauswirth from Postfossil

‘Point’ pendant lights by David Taylor

‘Succession’ upholstered stools by Fredrik Färg

‘Rhubarb’ lamp by Emma Marga Blanche

‘Rhubarb’ lamp by Emma Marga Blanche

‘Incalmi’ glass tableware by Chiara Onida

‘Bear’s coat’ by Katrin Greiling

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[more via Dailytonic. View original post.]

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