ÇA VOI – L.A. Launch Party 09.11.10

From the minds that create HM Sounds comes ÇA VOI, the new jewelry, accessories, and clothing line by Amy Pham, Minh Pham, and Andy Pham of HM Sound System. ÇA VOI’s origination was in the Summer 2010 with the idea that it’s all about style. HM Sound came first with musical style.
Naturally, ÇA VOI follows to dictate fashion. It is all an extension of the same philosophy.

ÇA VOI gives fashionistas one-of-a-kind pieces that will never be found on anyone else.  Following the D.I.Y. punk ethos of years past, ÇA VOI is made with the same mindset by offering artists and young professionals a unique alternative to corporate brand jewelry, accessories, and clothing.  By wearing the brand you are supporting downtown LA’s growing micro-economy of art and design. Shop for ÇA VOI

This Saturday September 11, 2010 will be the official launch of ÇA VOI bringing an array of music, art, photography, fashion, and beautiful people.


Photographer: Minh Pham (clothing lookbook) Amy Pham (jewelry lookbook)
Models: (clothing lookbook) Emily Kim, Nicole Lopez, Keisha Harvey, Amy Pham.  (jewelry lookbook) Amy pham
Make-up: (clothing lookbook) Amy Pham
Stylist: (clothing and jewelry lookbook) Amy Pham
Clothing: all ÇA VOI clothing

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