Design Publisher: Gestalten Fall Releases


Gestalten is one of our favorite design publishers, consistently releasing big, glossy, and captivating tomes, whether monographs or collections of provocative and inspiring themes. They are at it again with their new fall line-up, another set of books that would fit so well on our own bookshelves at home. Included on our wishlist:

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220°C Virus Monobloc: The Infamous Chair, edited by Arnd Friedrichs and Kerstin Finger, including text by Alice Rawsthorn. The book is an in-depth look at the Monobloc chair, the immediately recognizable stackable plastic chair found internationally wherever cheap, durable outdoor seating is required. Documented are works by Philippe Starck, Jerszy Seymour, Maarten Baas, and Konstantin Grcic, who have all used the chair as a starting point for work, whether in a positive or facetious light.

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