The cassette Walkman is dead

Today in News That Seems Like It Should Have Been News Ten Years Ago, Sony has decided to can the cassette Walkman. And production halted on the birthday (or a day after) the iPod’s birthday. Ch-ch-ch-changes.
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The Walkman was introduced to the world (ie: Japan) on July 1st in 1979 and it was a really hip new thing. After a while. Apparently the media (what do they know) thought a personal portable cassette player was a bullshit idea and there were only about three throusand sales by the end of July. Evidently they got way popular and, over its 30-year life span, the Walkman sold about 200 million units.

The Sony cassette Walkman is dead
If you didn’t have one, you were a total narbo. But if you had a bright yellow Sports Walkman with Mega Bass all the girls and boys would scam on you. For real.

The updated version of this story is that the Walkman has indeed been discontinued, but only in Japan. They’ll continue making them in the US. And that extra piece of information, friends, is News That Shouldn’t Even Be News, It Is Almost 2011 And What About The Discman Anyway?

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