Behind the Scenes: On set of Mad Men

Mad Men draws you into an ad industry era of bravado laced business, fragile femininity, war between sexes, and bouts with the clients. The details of every suit and dress from that era are getting the attention of the fashionistas. Mad Men based styles are now designed for names like Banana Republic. Editorial spreads are looking more like they were stills from the show, and magazine covers reflect what we see every Sunday night on AMC. On top of the fashion that is quite the buzz we also get some decent history in the lives of these Madison Ave advertising professionals; the work environment, the challenges faced by women and minorities, and how things looked all around them. The meticulous detail hypnotizes you to believe you are there, but what would it look like if we threw a Macbook Pro in the hands of one of these time travelers we call actors? These juxtapositions play with your mind a little, but in a fun way. Photographer James Minchin III did not have to stage anything to find these contrasts, he just got the behind the scenes.

“The set of Emmy-award winning Mad Men is the focus of a series of images from James Minchin III. The Los Angeles-based photographer captures the set, the props, along with candid behind-the-scenes photos of the characters both on and off set. What makes the images so captivating is how it connects the past with the present. The creators do such a remarkable and convincing job with the show that when confronted with the truth here in black and white it seems almost surreal.” – via Mashkulture


pic and info: James Minchin III

[via Mashkulture]


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