Eco-Friendly Find: Leilanni Land

Leilanni Land

I feel like, too often, “eco-friendly” is associated with a hippie or bohemian look (which I love, don’t get me wrong…) but it is always refreshing to see a designer shake up that association with designs that are truly modern fashion. And when those designs are really affordable, all the better!

Meet Leilanni Land. Only some of her line falls into the eco-friendly category, but she uses sustainable and reclaimed materials in ways that let the eco products mesh seamlessly with her other designs. I usually don’t like leather, but I love the jackets she crafts by combining old denim and leather coats, and I wish I could  get away with wearing a pair of her recycled leather leggings!

Liz Grotyohann is a co-founder of cosa verde, a marketplace for handmade, environmentally-conscious goods.

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