Nike Spring 2012: Blazer Hi

If you live in Southern California you may not fuss with too many layers on a daily basis. But, if you’re posted elsewhere — you may want to take off your winter coat in a few months in exchange for these bad boys. (or girls, we prefer freedom of choice at Aster.) If you’re a Nike fiend, like me, you’re already salivating at the corners of your mouth and checking your bank account to see if you can skip lunch for the next few days to cop this premier product. Nike, on the other hand– has not released the Blazer Hi on their U.S. website yet, but keep your ear to the ground and pray for rain, or 2012 Blazer Hi’s. (Remember it’s your choice.)

The 2012 Blazer Hi, is set to release in Spring. With a fresh color scheme available, these kicks are a must-have for your spring wardrobe. Available in blue, salmon pink along with a variety of other colors that offer matching laces. Featuring a white sole and suede body, Nike has demonstrated that old flavors still taste good. The 2012 Nike Blazer Hi are available now through starcow.

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