Va$htie x Jordan

Va$htie’s love of Nike Air Jordan’s have manifested into her own shoe for the popular brand. And ladies, they’re doing it for us. Here’s Nike’s Words:

“We want to pay homage to the ladies who are rocking Jordan kicks on the daily, and we’ve teamed up with New York-based creative visionary Vashtie Kola to do just that. As an accomplished fashion designer, video director, and artist, we knew Vashtie would have a fresh take on the classic Air Jordan 2. A constant trendsetter, Vashtie is one of the best at mixing contrasting styles and representing the fashiom forward.”

Get the shoe when it’s released October 2nd*

[more via Va$htie & Cash & Caviar. View original posts ]

[more via Va$htie & Cash & Caviar. View original posts ]

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